This designer shaped cabochon of Lapis has beautiful patterns. Lapis lazuli is an opaque and deep blue gemstone. It has long history of being mined in Afghanistan dating back to about 6500 years ago when it was the supplier of most of the Lapis Lazuli used in ancient Egypt and in Mesopotamia. It is still being mined there today and some of the highest quality stones to be found are still found there. In these modern times, other sources from around the world include The Andes, Canada, Chile, India, Pakistan and Russia. In the United States, to most prolific mines are found in California, Colorado and most recently in Illinois. Stones of intense blue shades without white veins (calcite) but with lots of pyrite flakes are the most sought after specimens. It's small chunks of pyrite crystals embedded with the stone that gives the flash of gold that looks so much like the twinkle of distant stars.

Flat polished back

Measures 21.35x50.25mm

Thickness 7.30mm

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