This fat pear shaped cabochon of Pietersite lots of flash on the left side. Pietersite was discovered by Sid Pieters in 1962 while he was prospecting some farmland in Namibia, Africa. After his discovery, he registered the find in the mineral records of Britain. His discovery was published in 1964, and the material was named Pietersite. For many years it was believed that this material was only found in Namibia. But in 1993 a similar material was discovered in Hunan province in China, though specimens did not come to market until 1997. It is now believed that the mine in China has closed, and limited production from Namibia has made Pietersite quite difficult to find. Pietersite colors include blues, rusty reds, golds and browns. The blues range from a baby blue to a dark midnight hue. The Chinese pietersite often occurs in shades of gold, red and blue color segments which sometimes also include a deep golden brown.

Measures 37.85x36.65mm

Thickness 6.90mm

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