This cabochon of Phosphosiderite is light pink to lavender. This material is found in several countries Chile, Argentina, Germany, Portugal or the USA, but I have read that it is also found in a number of other European countries. The meaning of this stones name is related to its mineral makeup, as it contains both phosphorous, phospho, and iron, siderite. The second part of the word, siderite, relates to the Greek word sideros, meaning iron. It is said to be also known as 'piedrea voga' meaning pink stone, and 'la rosa voca' meaning pink rock. In regard to the lavender pink stone, its color varies from a very light pink through to a deep lilac color, even within the same stone. There is some speculation that it is a variety of Variscite, but as yet this information has not been substantiated. You will also notice yellow veins within the stone. 

Flat semi-polished beveled back

Measures 20.15x40.55mm

Thickness 5.65mm

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