This cabochon of Sonoran Dendritic has beautiful patterns through a pinkish orange background. This is simply called Sonoran Dendritic because of the strong dendritic patterns and is found in the state of Sonora, Mexico. Sometimes the background can contain some pink color and be softly banded like Hickorite or Wonderstone. The sealed fracture pattern is similar to the sealed fracture patterns in the Owyhee Jasper from Oregon and the maroon color of the dendrites is very similar to the color of the dendritic pattern in the jasper from New Mexico called Apache Sage. The material is opaque and is softer than jasper or rhyolite. The rock is probably an altered dolomite that has been heated, cracked, and resealed by volcanic activity.

Flat polished beveled back

Measures 25.0x45.35mm

Thickness 5.95mm

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