Yttrium Fluorite Cabochon 10497

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This cabochon of Yttrium Fluorite is a beautiful lavender color. This stone is unique in that it is a variant type of fluorite from Mexico, where about 20% of the calcium is replaced by one of the rare minerals, the element yttrium, hence the name. It is rare and unlike other types of fluorite, it commonly forms in masses rather than in crystals. It has a rounded form with lovely soft feel to it, even though it is of course a hard rock. It is known by a variety of names which include Yttrium Fluorite, Yttrian Fluorite and Lavender Fluorite. The reason for the final name is obvious, as many of the stones are a lavender color. As well as being either lavender or a violet color, its color may also be grey or reddish brown. There is some Lavender Fluorite sold that is an opaque stone, as well as some translucent stones.

Flat polished beveled back

Measures 18.35x33.0mm

Thickness 4.95mm